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We help civil servants do the most good they can, in government and beyond.

Impactful Government Careers is a network of civil servants helping other civil servants have the biggest social impact they can. We can help you:

  • Identify roles and opportunities where you can have the biggest social impact, based on your own values.

  • Build your skills to ensure you do the most good possible, and are ready when the big opportunities come knocking.

  • Connect with inspiring, like-minded and motivated civil servants

We are friendly, impartial and underpinned by the latest careers research.

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Image by Patrick Perkins


Impactful Government Careers offers one-to-one career support sessions for civil servants who want to have an impact over the course of their career.

Please fill out the coaching request form here. We will then contact you to organise a time.



By the end of one of our workshops you will have a clear idea of the next steps you need to take to progress your career and a framework for thinking through career decisions. Join our mailing list to hear about upcoming workshops.

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We believe that all the advice we give should be underpinned by the latest research. We look to academic research in the fields of careers and policy making. We also conduct our own research by interviewing civil servants from across the UK Government.

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