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Impactful Government  Careers

Governments have enormous potential to shape the world we live in. Impactful Government Careers wants to help government institutions deliver positive outcomes by supporting skilled, impact-motivated individuals.

Our priorities are to help you

Find High Impact Jobs

It's often challenging to decipher civil service job adverts and make a good assessment on the role's relative impact, how it would support your career aims, and fit with your skills.

As a non-profit, independent of any government, IGC can provide objective assessments on roles, highlight potential opportunities, and support you to develop and align your career with the aim of delivering impact at the centre.

Secure High Impact Jobs

Finding high impact jobs and their fit with your overall career plan is only half the equation, the next challenge is being able to secure that role and maintain the motivation necessary to progress your career in a direction that maximises impact.

IGC’s can support you through the application process - providing guidance on how to showcase your experience best in both the written answers and interview. IGC can also help you build a trusted network so that you are aware of new opportunities as early as possible.

Deliver High Impact

The final piece of the puzzle once you have found and secured a high impact role - is to deliver on that promise.

This is a deeply complex and multifaceted challenge which many actors are trying to solve. IGC’s solution is to facilitate a community of impact-motivated individuals - empowering and providing them with the confidence, techniques, and resources to successfully deliver the Government of the day's objectives with maximum positive impact.

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Our Hub Based Network

Build your network

With numerous problem areas and professions across government, Impactful Government Careers (IGC) facilitates a 'Hub Based' network.

This hub based approach allows IGC to act as a central coordinator of impact-motivated individuals that work, or are seeking to work, in the UK government; whilst also making it easier for those individuals to access, meet, and take part in any events run by other impact-motivated within specific problem areas. 

How it works

These hubs are run by people who are engaged and chosen by IGC. This enables IGC to ensure there is a consistent experience offered across the hubs, and means the hub can access the infrastructure and resources provided by IGC. Once part of a hub, you'll be invited to hub specific events and content, and you'll be invited to join the groups WhatsApp to meet and engage other hub members.

You can:

  1. Sign up to the IGC mailing list to stay up to date on IGC wide topics;

  2. Apply to join any of the hubs and build your network and knowledge within that specific problem area;

  3. Request to lead an existing hub or, if it's not already catered for, a hub in a new problem area.

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Animal Welfare

Helping to improve and protect the lives of non-human animals. 

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UK Economic Growth

Focusing on delivering a growing and prosperous economy in the UK.

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Start a New Hub

Where will you deliver positive impact?

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Artificial Intelligence

Working to ensure the innovative and safe implementation of AI.

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Global Health & International Development

Safeguarding health and opportunity for the developing world.

Our Activities

Career Coaching

We provide career advice to civil servants and non-civil servants looking to enter government roles.


Through one or several discussions, we work with you to explore your motivations, skills, and interests, that will help you to consider and assess what area(s) of the Civil Service best meets your goals and what you need to do to progress your career.

Whether it's through discussions with our team, connections to other civil servants in our hub network (see below), or using our career plan frameworks, our career coaching can help you find a high impact role.


Our Fellowship programme is designed to provided tailored and detailed support to individuals that want maximise their impact.


For both civil servants and non-civil servants, the fellowship will offer:

  1. Bespoke advice to develop a career plan that maximises your impact over the next 5-10 years.

  2. A unique network to other impact-motivated Fellows

  3. Training aimed at providing you with skills to deliver maximum impact in your role.

The first Fellowship is due to open in Summer 2024. Register your interest below!

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"It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it."

― Nelson Mandela

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