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Cyber and Information Security Lead

Cabinet Office

Job Grade

Grade 7

Advertised Salary

£53,400 - £60,990

Type of Role


Closing Date

3. marts 2024

Job Description from Civil Service Jobs

We are seeking experienced and highly skilled individuals to join our dynamic team as Cyber and Information Security Leads. The successful candidate(s) will play a pivotal role in ensuring the safeguarding of our critical information and data assets. This is a unique opportunity for a professional with a holistic approach to data protection and security, coupled with strong stakeholder management skills. This role encompasses information assurance, designing and implementing comprehensive security strategies, policies, and procedures to protect our programmes, projects, and live digital services from cyber and security threats.

Responsibilities will include:

Strategy: Develop and maintain cyber and information security strategy, ensuring alignment with business objectives and industry best practices.

Security Controls: Lead the implementation and management of cyber and information security controls across different areas, including programmes, projects, and live digital services.

Security Assessments: Conduct regular security assessments and audits to identify vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate countermeasures

Governance: Provide input to Governance Boards, manage challenging stakeholders, and lead on contract deliverables, acting as a point of escalation for issues.

Relationships: Build and maintain strong relationships with customers, monitor client contracts' progress, and evaluate and address information assurance risks for customers.

Supplier Management: Build, manage, and oversee third-party supplier management relationships.

Guidance: Provide expert support and guidance to internal teams in addressing security issues while ensuring compliance with applicable security standards and regulations.

Other responsibilities include:

Lead the development and implementation of robust cybersecurity measures for ongoing and upcoming projects and live services.
Conduct cyber risk assessments and provide security guidance
Promote and implement secure-by-design principles
Support GPG as part of GovAssure activities
Monitor and respond to security incidents
Manage relationships across government, suppliers, and vendors.

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